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Construction Plans - White Cap Construction -

Preconstruction Planning

We offer all of our clients design services to help you bring your ideas to life. From interior design to building your house plan, we have you covered.

Financing - White Cap Construction


WhiteCap has several banking relationships to help you find the right company to finance your construction needs.

Blueprint - White Cap Construction


WhiteCap starts off the construction process with soil testing. We send out a soil test company to all sites to verify what needs to be done for the foundation. After that is complete the plan goes to our Engineer to design your foundation.

Concrete pour lake lot - White Cap Construction


Once your financing is complete we will start building your new home. The most important part of this phase is getting your foundation built. This can largely be affected by weather conditions. Then we move into framing and drying in the home. Once that is complete we can set a realistic time frame for completion.

Project Management - White Cap Construction

Project Management

Our project management team will keep your project on track. This consists of our Project Manager & Superintendent. Their job is to organize our subcontractors and make sure the necessary materials are on site for each phase of your project. This keeps our projects running smoothly.

In addition Adam & Lauren regularly walk through the homes during construction to insure everything is up to WhiteCap standards. 



In the end you will have a finished home that you and your family can enjoy for MANY years.

Our goal is to create a house that you can be proud to call your Home.

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